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Arien's work is a testament to the Western-Middle Eastern dialectic and explores his identity of an Iranian—American through his work in the hybridization of Orientalist mystique and Western aesthetics, pointing to the non—essentiality of each culture. The artist "Islamisizes" the Western pop comic in his latest works entitled Passions in the Sand: A Terrorist Romance Novel, de—familiarizing the Western viewer in their own form, revealing social and political function in the everyday. This is then deconstructed further through the "blowing up" as the artist puts it, of the novel into collages, suggesting the aftermath of a fragmentation, abstraction, commensurate to the language of colonialism. Arien Valizadeh consciously fulfills the exotic Orientalist demand within the Western framework, much like the unobtrusive Arabic boy knows of his "act" in a Sunny Delight commercial. Arien Valizadeh has shown work in galleries across the U.S. and exhibited his first solo show at the RVCA gallery in SF.

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