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Dylan Martorell

Dylan Martorell

Born in Scotland, Dylan Martorell has been exhibiting and performing for over a decade as a musician and artist using the nexus of sound and image as the basis of a constantly evolving body of work which couples an ecstatic method of improvisation with a highly focused sense of detail.

Sound in all its various forms, musical diasporas, fourth world mythologies and the natural world are all important touchstones in a multidisciplinary practice that takes in everything from costume design and performance to hand drawn musical scores, screen prints and video.

His bands Snawklor and The Hi God People have played on trams in Osaka, wine cellars in Toulouse, empty bars in New York, sewerage drains and flying fox colonies in Melbourne, art galleries in Rotterdam and Tokyo, carpet shops in Tangiers and have incorporated everything from ritual performances based on historical accounts of 19th century Scottish cannibalism, evolutionary bodily disfunction narratives, collaborations with Lakota Psychic healer Shamir Thunder Eagle, maximalist string field psych-opera and the ill attended show on the astral plane.

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