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Zak Noyle | Waikiki Beachcomber Benefit

Last week, RVCA advocate Zak Noyle and the Waikiki Beachcomber hosted an incredible night of art, music, food, drink and philanthropy. The event was a celebration of the launch of the second generation of Zak’s signature backpack as well as a giveback on RVCA’s behalf to the Waikiki Lifeguard Association.

The evening’s festivities were also in recognition of Zak’s partnership with the Beachcomber by having his photos featured in over 200 of their expertly-appointed rooms. Performances by local artists and delicious pupu’s and cocktails kept the crowd in good spirits, as did raffles where a handful of lucky winners received top-dollar swag from brands like RVCA and Aquatech Imaging Solutions.  100% of the proceeds garnered were donated directly to the Waikiki Lifeguard Association.

Our thanks to fellow sponsors for their contributions: Hawaiian Aroma Caffe, AquaTech Imaging Solutios, Leus towels, Kona Brewing Co, Sun Bum, Red Bull, DaFin, Hydro Flask, Waiola Life

Photos by Bret Thompsett